I regret that I have to re-home my English Pointer (Delilah).  I really hate to see her go but I have to thin down due to room.  She is a great dog with a wonderful personality.  She is not only a really good hunting dog but a great companion as well.  Delilah was born on September 21, 2010.  She is broke to steady to wing, shot and release.  If you think you can give her a wonderful home please contact me and I would be happy to see if she is a good fit for you.  Thanks!

Wyatt had a good run just not good enough to win it back to back.  However, he did take 2nd (Runner Up) so to be 1st last year and 2nd this year is good enough for me.  Way to go Wyatt!  I judged the dog that beat him in the derby class and she was a really nice dog.  Great looking EP with lots of style and drive so what a good dog to get beat by.  Congrats to the winner!


We were very lucky to get a male English Pointer pup from Kim Sampson.  He comes from Idaho’s Lucky Strike.  We are very excited to have him and look forward to his future.

Wyatt did a good job but it was not his best run and there were some really good dogs at the Desert Shorthair trial in the White Mountains.  He ended up with a 3rd out of 20 dogs.  He is still looking for 3 more retreiving points in Amateur Gundog to finish his AFC.  We will give it another shot at the Northern GSP trial in Paulden, AZ in November.  Wish us luck…

This past weekend Wyatt ran in the Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship hosted by the Arizona Pointing Dog Club and Region 12 AFTCA.  He put down a really nice run with 7 finds and a back to win the championship.  What a great day for Wyatt and AZ Pointer Ranch.

All I can say is WOW!!!  I was very impressed with our boy Wyatt and his run in Amateur Gundog and Open Limited Gundog this past weekend at the Greater Phoenix Brittany Club trial near Sonoita, AZ.  Wyatt had a few really good runs and it paid off.  He placed 1st on Friday in the Amateur Gundog to win a 4 point major and then placed 1st the next day in Open Limited Gundog for another 3 points toward his FC.  This is all he needed to finish his FC so now we just need his retrieving points for his AFC.  What a great weekend!  Thanks to the judges for putting Wyatt up and to the GPBC for a great trial.

We had a great weekend in the White Mountains.  We had several good runs and a few that were not so good.  It sure helps you know where you still need to work at during training.  Over all it was a great weekend and we were able to put some more points on dogs.  Our Vizsla pup Ruby had a really good run in Open Puppy to take 1st Place and earn 2 puppy points toward her FC.  Then she had another good run in the Open Derby but I guess it just wasn’t good enough since she did not make the placements.  Maybe next time!  The our boy Wyatt had a good run in Amateur Gun Dog and ended up taking 2nd Place and earning another 2 points toward his AFC.  He had a really nice run going in Open Gun Dog but with less than 1 min left on the clock he decided to break on the shot on his 4th bird.  It was painful but it happens.  Our girl Freckles ran twice and just decided that this weekend she was not going to hold steady on the shot so she was picked up both times.  I guess I have some steady work to do with Wyatt and Freckles in training.  Over all it was a great weekend and some good trials.  Special thanks to the Sahauro Brittney Club and the Greater Phoenix Brittney Club for holding some great events.  Next stop is the Arizona Pointing Dog Club’s AFTCA qualifer trial at

We just finished the last field trial for the Arizona Pointing Dog Club this past weekend for 2011.  We went into this weeking with our boy Wyatt 1 point down from high point in Gundog Class.  Sat he put up 27 points and the dog he was going against for high point put up 23 points.  This meant Wyatt was up 3 points going onto the final trial of the year.  Then to find out that Wyatt was braced with this other dog Sun morning in the first brace.  I would not want it to end any other way.  So we sent off yesterday morning and the final race was on.  Wyatt went out with a fight and found 6 birds to give him 49 points.  His brace mate has two finds with only 20 something points.  Wyatt wins Gundog High Point Dog for 2011.  It was a wonderful day for us and Wyatt.  Next stop is the Brittney trials in the White Mountains in early Sept.  Then to AZPDC TOC and the next weekend the AFTCA trial at Butcher Knife.  Wyatt has a busy schedule but it will be fun.  Freckles will be in all of this as well but the AZPDC TOC event.  Wish us luck!

Well some friends and I spent some time running our dogs up near Stoneman Lake to get them ready for the AFTCA Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championships later this month.  It started out not so good with over 12″ of snow fall the first day there.  A picture of this is below.  However, after this stopped it turned out to be some good training.  We were able to get the dogs on some bobwhites and they all did a great job.  I should have used the camera more but I did not so I only have a few photos of our boy Wyatt on point to share.  I am looking forward to the championship later this month and hope to have some good runs.

This was not the way I wanted to start my training session but it all turned out good.

Once we were able to get rid of the snow then we were able to get down to business!

Mike and I were able to do some training this weekend before the trial with our newest member to the Pointer Ranch family (Ruby).  She was fantastic and we are both really excited to see where we go with her.  Mike has been tasked with the puppy training and I have to say he is doing a really great job.  Way to go Mike!  He is using the clicker technology for this and she is responding very well.  I look forward to bringing her over to my kennel soon and continuing this training on birds and then with the horses.  I have some brand new pictures of Ruby to share below.  I hope you enjoy as much as we did working with her and taking these pictures.